Cowplain Bowling Club

Padnell Road Recreation Ground - Cowplain - PO8 8EH

2021 Club Internal Competitions



Due to COVID and the restrictions with the number of rinks available and the limit of 3 hours playing time, the rules of the Men’s pairs and the Australian pairs have been modified, hopefully for the early rounds of the competition only.


Rules for the Club Competitions 2021:

The normal club competition rules will apply (click here to view). There is also a copy on the windows of the Club’s Roy-Al Pavilion). There are however two exceptions to the current rules as follow:


7.   Rink Booking

     When booking - a rink will be allocated to you by Dave Wildman.

      Please request a 3 hour competition rink when booking.


8.  Competition Format

     a:- Men’s Pairs.            18 ends 4 bowls each player, semi-finals and final 21 ends

          Australian Pairs      14 ends 4 bowls each player ,semi-final and final  18 ends

If the match is NOT finished and the time is up then please book another rink and restart from where                           play stopped. This may have to be on another rink.


      h:- Score Cards:

At the completion of the match the score card must be checked by both teams. However, due to covid-19 rules it is not required to sign the card.

Completed score cards to be placed in the Result Card Box located in the equipment shed.


It is the responsibility of the winning team to inform Jeff Mann, Competition Secretary by phone or email the result within 24 hours

Under the present covid-19 restrictions this is very important and failure to comply could result in the match being void and would have to be replayed


Please note the following very important safety rules for matches being played.  

These rules may well change at a later date if COVID restrictions are eased.  

1.  Place the jack – DO NOT SEND IT.

2.  The jack should be handled by as few players as possible.

3.  Placing of the mat should also be by as few players as possible.

4.  Likewise the pushers should be handled by as few players as possible.


This is slightly more complicated with Australian pairs so please use the hand sanitizer whenever possible.




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